Freelance software developer based in Porto, Portugal.
Through experience & craft, he helps companies
bring ideas from
zero to one

Ruan Martinelli

Software developer

I'm a cross-functional developer with over 10 years of experience building for the web.

From idea to details and back again, my job is to build software products that make sense, look good, and perform well.

With a strong product mindset, my work often breaks the borders of software. I dive into ideation, research, planning, and design to create solutions that truly resonate with end-users.

As a freelancer, I work with early-stage companies and founders to build and launch digital products.

Whether starting from scratch or leveling up an existing product, I can help with end-to-end product development. I work with modern web technologies and tools such as React , Node.js and TypeScript .


Product development. End-to-end app development that fits your business needs. Take an idea from concept to launch.

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Technical writing. On-demand, well-crafted technical articles for your product or company blog, written by a human.

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Happy clients

"What makes Ruan stand out is that he actually cares about the work he does. He wants each line of code to be his best work. Not in a I'll-take-my-own-sweet-time kind of way. But in a I-want-to-help-the-business-succeed kind of way."

— Bill Denk. Founder & CEO, Flikflix.

"We fully enjoyed working with Ruan! He is very communicative and proactive, often bringing in his own ideas and he doesn’t shy away from going the extra mile."

— Sabine Staggl. Founder, Noisli.

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