Ruan speaking in a microphone in front of an audience

Hey there! Ruan here.

I am a generalist developer with over 8 years of experience in building for the web.

In the past years, I have focused on developing and scaling back-end systems in the cloud using Node.js. I have worked on many different back-end projects, ranging from simple MVPs to data-heavy applications and APIs used by millions of users. I am available for consulting.

I have a long-standing passion for Node.js and JavaScript. I wrote my first line of JavaScript code more than a decade ago. Not so long after that, I started building APIs in Node.js. Today, these tools are my daily drivers. I write code, articles and sometimes speak about Node.js and JavaScript.

I grew up in Vitória, a small coastal city in Brazil. There, I also graduated in Computer Science at the Federal University. I now live in Prague, Czech Republic. In my free time, you will find me running, taking photos, and solving crossword puzzles.

Say hello on Twitter! For bigger ideas, you can email me.


Public and internal talks I have given over the course of my career:

  • Deploying Anything with Terraform and Google Cloud Run, Internal 2021
  • Mutation Testing — STRV Backend Meetup, 2020
  • Technical Writing: Writing Better Docs — Internal, 2020
  • Getting Started with Fastify — Internal, 2020
  • Go for Node.js Developers — Internal, 2020
  • Introduction to GitHub Actions — Internal, 2019
  • What is Property-based Testing? — Internal, 2019
  • Getting Started with Monorepos — Internal, 2019
  • The Evolution of Asynchronous JavaScript (pt-BR) — Dev-ES Con, 2017


External articles I have published, outside of my blog:

Side Projects

Coding can also be a hobby. :)