I am a product-minded full-stack engineer with 11+ years of professional experience. I specialize in building modern web applications and translating ideas and designs into complete products.

As a freelancer, I offer two types of services:

Custom Software Development

I will build a full-stack web application using modern tools and the industry's best practices. I work across the entire technology stack, from setting up deployment pipelines to creating visual interfaces. I will also contribute to pre-development stages, helping build Product Requirements and advising on features from a technical standpoint.

Technical Writing

I will craft on-demand technical articles for your company's blog. I will write about various topics related to the tools and frameworks I use. I can choose ideas from my own backlog or write about your company's product after researching it.

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Working with me

I hold myself to high standards when it comes to software quality. When writing code, I value simplicity, comprehension, and maintainability. I also have a healthy obsession with organizing, documenting, and automating project aspects so that everything runs smoothly when I am not around.

I believe overcommunicating (effectively) is a crucial factor in a project's success. You will often see me doing check-ins to share progress, ask for feedback, and decide on things. Heads-down coding is necessary sometimes, but the final delivery of a project should never feel like a big reveal (even if the result is good).

Throughout my career, I have developed many opinions and a passion for contributing to all product development cycles. I take a keen interest in the business, UX, and user behavior. You will often hear me asking "why?" and bringing suggestions and tradeoffs to the table.

I do my best work solo or in small teams, where processes have low friction and roles are fluid. I work remotely and strongly believe in the efficacy of asynchronous work cultures.

Technology & Tools

I've worked in the JavaScript ecosystem since the beginning of my career. I am highly effective in architecting, building, and maintaining applications using modern JavaScript and associated tools.

My go-to library for building frontends and user interfaces is React. I've built server-side rendered, statically generated, and single-page applications with it. I also enjoy working with Next.js on certain types of projects.

When it comes to design, I love building design systems using utility-first CSS libraries like TailwindCSS. I've also worked with many component libraries like ChakraUI and MUI.

In the backend, I use Node.js to build scalable, testable, documented, and twelve-factor compliant APIs. After trying almost every HTTP framework, I've settled for Fastify and Nest.js. All my work includes automated tests, documentation, and continuous integration by default.

I've deployed many containerized applications to Google Cloud and AWS, in both serverless and PaaS environments. I also enjoy automating things using infrastructure-as-code tools such as Terraform.

"What makes Ruan stand out is that he actually cares about the work he does. He wants each line of code to be his best work. Not in a I'll-take-my-own-sweet-time kind of way. But in a I-want-to-help-the-business-succeed kind of way."

Bill Denk

Bill Denk

Founder & CEO, Flikflix

"We fully enjoyed working with Ruan! He is very communicative and proactive, often bringing in his own ideas and he doesn’t shy away from going the extra mile."

Sabine Staggl

Sabine Staggl

Founder, Noisli


If you're still with me, then I'd love to learn more about what you're working on!

Send me an e-mail at with a brief description of what you are looking for. We will talk about timelines, scope, budget, and make sure we're a good fit. Keep it casual! I am professional, but laid-back. I'll get back to you in 1 business day.

I am currently based in Porto, Portugal (Western European Time).