Terra & the LAURA Architecture

I build and maintain two modules of the Terra System, which are now part of the LAURA Architecture.

Terra Core is an API (REST, WebSockets and ZeroMQ Pub/Sub) that connects all services in the architecture. It listens for data sent by the Terra Gateway, a Lua module that serves as a interface to sink nodes in a Terra Newtork.

Overview of the Terra System

Overview of the Terra System.

Terra Web

Terra Web - a web app to see things in action.

You can read the full paper I wrote on this here (pt-br).


A Twitter bot that posts comics from the /r/comics subreddit. The full code is availabe on this repo and you can follow it here if you are into web comics.


Built a landing page, a dashboard and a couple of Messenger bots for a project that didn’t get much traction.

Bunto landing page

Swish-whoosh animations that probably don’t work on IE.

NCD a Distância (E-learning platform)

In 2014-2015 I led the team responsible for creating an e-learning platform and video classes for people starting out with the computer.

The project is still maintained by the great folks on NCD and a paper (pt-br) about the project was published most recently. All the videos we made are availabe here.

NCD a Distância website

NCD a Distância home page.


I used to organize my tasks with bulleted lists in a draft message on Gmail so I made this. It is a simple calendar app built with Angular 2+ and Firebase.


A very unpretentious calendar app.